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Our World

Each day, over 300,000 resilient lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, or questioning (LGBTQ+) Coloradans navigate a world where stigma, discrimination, and the fear of harassment or violence persist. Far too often, they face the heart-wrenching loss of familial love, friendships, and vital community ties due to their LGBTQ+ identity.

The act of coming out—a courageous step—can lead to profound emotional tolls. It should be a universal reality for all LGBTQ+ individuals to live authentically and securely, free from harm. Unfortunately, many experience ongoing trauma and stress that profoundly affect their mental well-being. 


The LGBTQ+ community has long been underserved, grappling with trauma within environments and systems meant to offer support. These challenges are multiplied with intersecting identities. Recognizing this urgent need, Envision:You is committed to addressing these disparities and invites you to join us.

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