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Why is the training important?
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Envision:You has been an invaluable partner in our efforts to enhance our mental health services for LGBTQ+ individuals. Their trainings have not only equipped us with the knowledge to be more responsive to the unique needs of this community, but also fostered an environment that encouraged vulnerability and participation. We are truly appreciative of the flexibility and welcoming atmosphere the trainers created. We are grateful for the partnership we've established with Envision:You, and have made the Level 1 and 2 training required for all of our new hires. The work Envision:You does is vital, and it's an honor to be a part of it. 

Kaylee Jeffrey, LCSW

Clinical Director, The Child and Family Therapy Center of Denver

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The Envision:You Behavioral Health Provider Training Program is a comprehensive initiative committed to elevating the delivery of high-quality, culturally relevant, and affirming behavioral health interventions specifically tailored for members of the LGBTQ+ community. With both virtual and in-person training options, this program exposes participants to best practices when working with LGBTQ+ clients, and challenges participants to examine their personal and professional biases. More detailed information on the training program learning objectives can be found here.


While many providers state they are “LGBTQ+ affirming,” studies show that many LGBTQ+ individuals face adverse experiences when seeking healthcare. Systemic discrimination, places LGBTQ+ people at a heightened risk of experiencing mental health challenges, with rates of depression, anxiety, and substance use disorders two to three times higher than their non-LGBTQ+ counterparts. Most vulnerable are LGBTQ+ youth, for whom the leading cause of death is suicide. Even well-intentioned professionals can unintentionally cause harm, as acceptance doesn't guarantee culturally relevant services. Moreover, increased societal awareness of sexual orientation, gender expression, and gender identity is prompting earlier coming out journeys, placing greater responsibility on mental health clinicians to provide culturally sensitive support across diverse settings.



Population Specific Modules: These one hour on-demand, online modules focus on unique disparities when working with individuals holding multiple marginalized identities. These modules are intended to come after Level One and Level Two as further learning.


➔Anyone who completes Level One and Two gets access to one population specific module at no cost. Any additional modules after the first are $95 individually, or $215 for all three.


The available modules are: 

➔ Working with Transgender and Gender-Diverse Communities

➔ Working with LGBTQ+ Youth

➔ Working with LGBTQ+ Older Adults

➔ Working with LGBTQ+ Communities of Color


A big thank you to Caring for Denver, who provided the funding to create these modules, OMNI Institute, for their expertise in training development, and all community advisory group members, for their invaluable support in developing each of the modules.

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About the Training Program
Why is the Training Important?
Population Specific Modules

The Envision:You Level 1 and 2 training has positively impacted our business practices and personal interactions. The training was practical and factual but presented in a compassionate and empathic way that engaged participants. I highly recommend it to other teams.

Training Program Participant

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Who is the training program for? 

The Envision:You LGBTQ+ Behavioral Health Provider Training Program is designed for registered and licensed mental health clinicians, addiction counselors, certified peer specialists, social workers, counselors-in-training, and other behavioral health providers. The Level 1 Introductory Training is also appropriate for non-clinical staff, such as front desk staff, as the content is foundational.

I don't serve LGBTQ+ clients. Is this training still useful for me?

You are serving LGBTQ+ clients. If you don’t believe you are serving LGBTQ+ clients, it is because they haven’t come out to you yet. 


Everyone in the behavioral health field, from front desk staff to providers, serves LGBTQ+ clients. Given that LGBTQ+ individuals report experiencing negative interactions while seeking healthcare services, coming out in therapy can present as a particularly vulnerable experience. The training program, Level 2 in particular, incorporates various opportunities for participants to reflect on personal and systemic biases that may be impacting your level of care. 


I’m a provider and I identify as a member of the LGBTQ+ community. Will I gain anything from this training?

Yes. There are just as many ways to be LGBTQ+ as there are LGBTQ+ people. Even well-intentioned helping professionals, whether LGBTQ+ identifying or not, can cause harm within behavioral health spaces. Being accepting and pro-LGBTQ+ does not necessarily translate to the ability to deliver culturally relevant services. 


Is there a cost associated with the training program?

➔ Level One (Individual): $95/person

➔ Level Two (Individual, Level One required): $205/person

➔ Level One and Level Two Learning Pathway (Individual): $300/person

➔ Population Specific Modules: Anyone who completes Level One and Two Learning Pathway gets access to one population specific module at NO COST. Any additional modules after the first are $95 individually, or $215 for all three.


Are discounts available for participants?

To ensure equitable access to learning, discounts for nonprofit organizations, academic and government institutions, and students available for Levels 1 & 2. For more information please contact


What is the format of the training program?

➔ Level 1 is an introductory, 75-minute training offered in an online, on-demand format.

➔ Level 2 is a comprehensive, 9-hour co-facilitated webinar conducted across two half days, or an 8.5-hour in-person training.

➔ Population specific modules are continued learning, one-hour training offered in an online, on-demand format. 


Are there prerequisites to complete the training program?

Participants must complete Level 1 in order to complete Level 2. Additionally, participants must complete both Levels 1 and 2 in order to be eligible to complete the population specific modules. 


Please note: the Training Team encourages interested participants to register for a Level 2 training date as soon as possible, given that in-person trainings will be capped at 25 participants and webinars will be capped at 20 participants.


Who facilitates these trainings? 

The Level 1 training and the population specific modules are virtual, on-demand, self-paced content. Level 2 trainings are co-facilitated by licensed professional counselors, with professional experience working with LGBTQ+ clients and/or lived experience as an LGBTQ+ person.  


Who developed the training program?

The training program, created in collaboration between Envision:You and the OMNI Institute, has been made possible through generous grant funding from Caring for Denver. This funding has enabled us to design population-specific modules, with a notable emphasis on compensating community advisory group members for their invaluable contributions to module development.


Does the training program offer continuing education credits?

For professionals in Colorado, our training series aligns with what the Department of Regulatory Agencies (DORA) requires for Licensed Mental Health Providers regarding professional development. Our training modules fall into two categories: group learning and coursework, both of which satisfy the CE requirements for maintaining a license. Please note: The acceptance of continuing education credits varies by state, so please check with your licensing board to ensure this course meets those requirements. 


What topics do these trainings cover and what are the learning objectives?

Click on ‘Overview & Pricing’ below!

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