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Queering Mental Health : Volume 3

"It is my pleasure to introduce the third-annual Queering Mental Health Edition. This year, the teams at Envision:You and OFM have prepared a new collection of articles to highlight LGBTQ+ mental health stories, resources, and tips for supporting wellness in the community. Envision:You’s LGBTQ+ State of the State Survey released earlier this year has further emphasized the need to bring queer mental health into the spotlight. Nearly half of LGBTQ+ Coloradans have unmet mental health needs, and our community continues to experience increased challenges accessing affirming healthcare. Additionally, over one-third of survey respondents reported a loss of their support systems due to the pandemic. At Envision:You, we are committed to finding new ways to close gaps in behavioral health outcomes for LGBTQ+ individuals. In the following pages, you will learn more about our work and a new program launching this year to support caregivers of queer and questioning youth. While our efforts to educate community members and train providers can make a significant impact, the community also relies on support from one another to ensure we all can thrive. As you read through the 2022 Edition, think about how you can use this information to support your own well-being and the well-being of those closest to you. Talking about these things can be difficult and unsettling, but the more we share our experiences and check in with one another, the more we break down the stigma that prevents so many of us from addressing mental health concerns. Tips to support these conversations can be found at I hope the content we have included will give you new tools to support your wellness and inspire you to pursue self-care in ways that work best for you. As you continue down your own journey, please know that you are never alone, and support is always available."

Steven Haden (he/him) Co-Publisher, Queering Mental Health Chief Executive Officer, Envision:You

Photo courtesy of Samantha Markey

If you or anyone you know is experiencing an emotional or mental health crisis, please contact Colorado Crisis Services by calling 844-493-8255, or text TALK to 38255.

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